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The way we work

Many people don't like to be in a dentist's rooms - There's a strange smell in the air, strange noises and tastes and in the end you might even feel pain. Who doesn't want to run as far away as possible?

We know about that and we also know we'll not be able to prevent all of that. But we also know that we want to help you to deal with all the "strange" issues in our office."

  • We're polite

    There should be no need to talk about that, but it is true.
  • You're in the focus of our work

    We'll take care of you and of no one else when you're here. You decide what we should do next.
  • We talk to you

    "Sit down and open your mouth!", is not the way we want to communicate with you. We want you to tell us which questions brought you here and to explain possible solutions to you. If you want we'll explain exactly what we're about to do and what's the next step. We'll listen to you and your questions, you're not only a tooth to be treated but a person!
  • We spend a lot of time for you

    We're not in a hurry to treat you, because it is your decision when you want to have your teeth checked or treated.
  • We're a small business

    You won't find large hallways with marble tiles and full of polished stainless steel. Some people even told us, they thought not to be in a dentist's office but in a little appartement. We like to hear that, because we also like to be here and so should you.
  • We're one team

    We like our work and we like working together to get the best result for you.
  • We're looking forward to meet you!